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Mophie is one of the #1 selling battery case producer in North America. Mophie is a California-based, award-winning manufacturer and designer that enables the portable world to remain dominant.

Broadly acclaimed for imaginative solutions of mobile, mophie is the pleased maker of the juice pack®, the very first versatile battery case affirmed by space pack® and Apple Inc. Furthermore, it is the very first rechargeable battery case, including local built-in storage.

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Besides this, the products of mophie are known for style and built for performance, giving a consistent mix of design, hardware, and software. Moreover, this brand has many operations in Michigan, California, Netherlands, China, and Hong Kong.

Items of this brand are easily available in more than 129 nations. These products can be found at Best Buy, Apple, T-Mobile and Verizon stores, and in addition Sprint and other famous retailers.

If you have bought a mophie item from website then there is NO NEED to register your product. Your order number will be utilized for any replacement processes. On the other hand, if you have bought any mophie item from an offsite seller, then, in this case, you have to register your product.

How to Register Mophie Product?

If you want to register your product, then you must follow some steps given below:

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Similarly, you can also sign in to your Registration account and then select “Register a Product”.

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