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The Zagg InvisibleShield glass is apparently the most elevated quality body and screen protector available. What truly separates the item from the opposition is the ZAGG Lifetime Warranty Replacement Guarantee.

Rights of free replacements can occasionally accompany a rundown of fine print. So what is the genuine reason behind the warranty program of ZAGG.

Step by step instructions to get a Warranty Replacement of InvisibleShield from ZAGG

In the wake of acquiring a unique back InvisibleShield screen protector for the iPhone 5 in October from ZAGG. The organization proactively messaged three months after the offer to “renew” the item. Moreover, with this email recorded. Furthermore, it was not until 8 months after the fact that the InvisibleShield began to look ratty.

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More than 11 months it shielded the iPhone 5 from a few drops and pocket covering had invaded along one side beneath the adhesive film.

Having paid $14.99 in addition to $2.99 shipping charges on the original InvisibleShied, an opportunity to seek a free substitution had come. While the replacement of an item is free of cost, ZAGG requires a handling and shipping with an expense of $3.99.

For this situation, the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee spared $13.99 over re-purchasing the invisibleShield.

First get the New InvisibleShield

ZAGG makes it conceivable to keep your gadget secured during the waiting time for the replacement of an invisibleShield to reach. Firstly, the customer should log in to their ZAGG record. Then start the guaranteed replacement. In the event that the item is enlisted it will show up under the rundown of items purchased.

ZAGG will pre-approve the full retail cost of the replacement of an item on a MasterCard until the old InvisibleShield product is returned. Furthermore, this could stop funds, so know whether a debit card is utilized. When the request is handled, the new invisibleShield will deliver.

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Send back the Old InvisibleShield

Though the old InvisibleShield seemed pretty beat up when detached from the iPhone 5. The back of iPhone itself looked new. A few patches of glue were effectively removed from the gadget by rubbing a fabric over the metal surface.


A return envelope with directions and a packing slip are incorporated with the new item. Here are the important steps mentioned on the envelope to return the old InvisibleShield product back to ZAGG.

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