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Zagg.com | What is Zagg?

Zagg Inc. is a traded organization situated in Midvale, Utah. Besides this, Zagg.com is famous for its line of defensive covers for buyer hand-held gadgets and electronics under the brand name called InvisibleShield.

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The organization’s famous brand, the InvisibleShield, was made by Phillip Chipping, who at that point framed Protective Solutions in the year 2005, March.

They began offering the InvisibleShield item on the web, and in local, they owned gadget sellers also. The organization started in a backyard shed, offering $200 worth of products every day.

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Two weeks after Apple Inc. had launched its first iPod Nano in September year 2005, the organization conveyed a public statement reporting their idea of offering full-body device protection and shield with a licensed, clear defensive film as another option in contrast to bulky cases.

Because of the abnormally high state of reaction, the organization started structuring full-body InvisibleShields for a wide range of electronic devices.

Information about ZAGG

In January 2006, Chipping got in Robert G. Pedersen II, a companion and coach who beforehand acted in an advisory capacity, as a mate with the label of CEO, while Chipping held the title of founder and president.

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Soon thereafter, in the wake of purchasing out Chipping, Pedersen turned into the biggest investor. Furthermore, in the year 2010, he was likewise named the Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

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Besides this, in August year 2012, Pedersen walked down as Chairman and CEO following an edge call, and Randall Hales, beforehand COO and President, became temporary CEO.

Moreover, in 2012, December, Hales was named CEO by the Board of Directors. In June 2013, the organization has more than 250 workers.

In March 2006 the organization changed names to end up ShieldZone Corporation. Then in July 2007, afterward again to ZAGG Inc. The latest name change accorded with a turnaround merger which made Zagg.com a traded open market organization on the OTC (BBX) known as Bulletin Board exchange with ZAGG as its stock icon.

On November 10, 2009; it was recorded on the NASDAQ Market. In 2011, the organization gained IFrogz. In the year 2016, the organization procured mobile accessory corporation Mophie.

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Randall Hales has worked as CEO of Zagg. Inc since 2012 resigned in March 2018. At his abdication, the Board of Directors delegated Chris Ahern as the new CEO. Ahern previously was serving as the leader of the Mophie brand and global business.

Besides this, Months later in 2018, Zagg reported their procurement of BRAVEN Audio. Braven is from Incipio Group, it is a famous brand of Bluetooth speakers.

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