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Zagg InvisibleShield| Zagg Invisibleshield glass

ZAGG Inc. is a traded organization situated in Midvale, Utah. Besides this, ZAGG.com is famous for its line of defensive covers for buyer hand-held gadgets and electronics under the brand name called InvisibleShield.

More than 7x shock protection

The organization’s famous brand, the InvisibleShield, was made by Phillip Chipping, who at that point framed Protective Solutions in the year 2005, March.

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They began offering the InvisibleShield item on the web, and in local, they owned gadget sellers also. The organization started in a backyard shed, offering $200 worth of products every day.

Security intended for outrageous situations

InvisibleShield is setting the business standard for screen security. We began with military-review segments and have fashioned our very own way growing new technologies, exclusive adhesives, and many more.

Zagg InvisibleShield

InvisibleShield is positively standing out and enabling you to do the same.

Zagg InvisibleShield: Intense effect protection

InvisibleShield’s innovation is intended to distribute and absorb the shock of an effect, keeping your screen unblemished and giving you the opportunity to live courageously.

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An amazing scratch defense for your daily environment

InvisibleShield save your phone’s screen from scratches that can occur in daily routine experiences, also the tumble and unpleasant condition of your bag pack.

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You can feel sure knowing your shield may get hammered, yet your phone’s screen will stay as smooth and perfect as the day you got it.


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